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Tobin G.

Paul’s team remodeled our 1928 home in 2007/2008. A second story was added, and the interior was gutted and transformed into a masterpiece of beauty. The remodel included a complete kitchen rebuild, new floors, new sheetrock, a new roof, new electrical, and plumbing, to mention some of the larger tasks. What we loved about working with Paul and why we are one of the few who love their contractor:

• Great communication: kept us apprised of schedule changes, continuously updated us on progress, had great intuition for when we needed to be asked for input and when it was not necessary

• Excellent listener: part of being able to communicate well is the ability to listen. Certainly my wife and I had some ridiculous requests, and Paul listened patiently and explained the pros and cons of what we were asking to be done. I never felt he disregarded our concerns nor that he patronized us in doing what we had requested when he knew it was a bad idea.

• Quality: Paul gave us options on which tier of quality was available for materials, and what they cost, and how each decision impacted the budget. We could therefore make informed decisions about where we wanted to use the highest quality material, and where it didn’t matter as much to us. Paul also worked closely with the architect to understand what was intended in the design, and in several instances made recommendations that improved or simplified the design.

• Crew: We thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul’s crew. They were respectful and courteous, and they themselves came up with suggestions and recommendations on improving our home

• Monitoring: Paul was on site every day to monitor the progress of his own crew as well as the progress and quality of work of the sub-contractors. In at least two cases that I am aware of he had the sub-contractor re-do their work at their cost due to quality issues.

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